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Road Show / Disposiciones


As directed 

  • Vehicles at disposal inside and outside Santiago Radius 
  • We provide receptive and out bound for a minimum of 2.0 Hrs fix pricing giving you ample time to arrive or depart with other stops
  • We send driver and vehicle details 48 Hrs in advance 
  • Corporate Road Show with previous agenda recognition by our staff and driver assigned 
  • We are the only company that provides additional seat insurance per vehicle , similar to US Standard
  • Your Safety , Punctuality, Discretion is our priority  
  • The experience  is our vehicles that we deploy to each task and our experience profesional drivers  
  • Glass water minera 300cc l water at all times 
  • Bilingual chauffeurs on demand
  • !00 % Electric vehicle such as Tesla MS and new to come Model X  
  • We provide POB and PDO via telephone to our affiliates 

We may act as a Liaison between you and third party 

We can provided driver-guides who will accompanied you during your visit, meetings and transfers.

We included your logo and your company needs in the transport.

We have many executives that arrive in Santiago , Chile just (SCL)  for the day and need transport during their meetings between companies, we make sure they will always arrive on time and meet the expectations they have if not we will advise the responsible person of delay and other factor that may be pertinent 

We provide a AIrbnb in El Golf , just across the street from the Ritz Hotel and the W Hotel that may be used for day use or overnights arrangements  

The title in Airbnb is : Duplex Penthouse El Golf

We provide the Mercedes Airstream Sprinter 24.4 ft. long and for 7.0 Pax Max , the best Roadshow Vehicle , After checking out of your hotel , your luggage will be safe with us until your departure at night from SCL , in this vehicle  you may change clothing and if a real emergency even shower with hot water in the same vehicle , its the details that really makes us different from the rest we are prepared for the unexpected at all times 

Our operations department coordinates  itinerary, timing is the client responsibility but our input in driving procedure may be of great help to accomplish the agenda of your executives  in all matters 

Our driver have a vast knowledgeable of address , restaurant and other great suggestion that could make the best impact on your executives  or your guest 




Español : 

Puntualidad,  Coordinaciones, Seguridad, comodidad, equipamiento de vehículos.


Cumpliendo al pie de sus requerimientos , con estudios previos de direcciones y horarios, nuestro equipo bilingües se encuentra 7/24 a disposición , información constante , dando a las partes tranquilidad a su Road Show que los traslados son puntuales e informando con PDO en cada reunion y POB en cada traslado , nuestros clientes dependen de esta vital información en tiempo real 

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Traslado de Novios

Para el día más importante de vuestras vidas , multiples opciones  , todas exclusivas para Ud con detalles que harán de este día una elegante y una diferente llegada a su altar

Lujo Leasing Inc., ganador Wedding Awards 2014 matrimonios.clLujo Leasing Inc., ganador Wedding Awards 2015 matrimonios.clRecomendado en matrimonios.cl
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Formularios de Cotización

Para cotizar correctamente por favor llenar el siguiente formulario apropiado para su evento, éste responderá muchas dudas y preguntas que usted pueda tener.

toda cotización tiene una validez de 48 Hrs. 


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